VPlayer - quite versatile and powerful media player for listening to music and audio, as well as for viewing video and graphics. Features and functionality set this player undeniably higher than in many applications such direction. If you compare the program VPlayer even with Windows Media Player, the latter being said, simply "resting." Moreover, this also applies to many other programs developed in this area. Well, find and download the program for free, you can with any web resource.

Key Features Of VPlayer Video Player

After the first acquaintance with this software product immediately catches the eye a huge number of supported formats VPlayer app. The list is quite impressive. Here are the audio, video and image formats, namely MP3, WMA, MIDI, WAV, AVI, WMV, MPEG, DivX, MPG, ASF, VOB, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, EMF, WMF and ICO . You see what you can reproduce anything. The only thing that upsets some, this lack of support audio formats FLAC and CUE, as well as video formats such as FLV. But I think it does not overshadow the overall experience. On the other hand, and this type of content downloaded from the Internet free of charge can be quite simple.

As for the interface, VPlayer, everything is simple. Key features and controls and settings are right before your eyes. For people who want to simplify and speed up access to some features worth seeing a list of used hotkeys. This list also looks pretty impressive. Maybe not every user can immediately remember all the keyboard shortcuts or get used to using the keyboard control, however, over time, it will go back to normal and will greatly save time. I think if you at least sometimes free, downloadable plug-ins for other programs of this type, and then download the program itself VPlayer were not working.

Among the most interesting features of the program include the ability to VPlayer infinite playlist or create playlists with unlimited number of files and completely different formats. In addition, when playing the video may be used reproduction function since the previous session. Incidentally, there is a set of functional and very useful ability to automatically adjust the volume. This is very useful when listening to music when a few tracks recorded with different levels of signal. This eliminates the loudness equalization using third-party audio processing software. The same principle applies to video files. This can be attributed to the professional capabilities of some players, which are distributed free of charge and available for download from the Internet.

download-vplayer-video-player-android-and-iosFinally it is worth to say that the app VPlayer supports removable shell, so that change the appearance of the player can be quite simple. Everyone has the discretion to select the skin and apply it to the whole program. These skins can also be found online and downloaded for free, it would wish. But in general, I must say that the program VPlayer is a fairly simple and universal, so it will suit most users who value ease of use and management, undemanding to system resources and perception of multiple formats of multimedia.

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