Vuze is a High definition movies player application that created and designed for downloading and sharing download files from BitTorrent c protocols support anonymous data using I2P. When this application only came out it had a name Azureus. However, the developers did not stop there and went much further. The program works fundamentally primitive, it simply distributes downloadable files between multiple computers of users, each of which is able to fulfill the role of the server from which you are downloading.

Key OF Features Vuze

First of all, we should say that the interface is so simple and clear that to deal with it by any level of training. Main features, like most programs of this kind lies in the fact that you can use a dual-boot mode, ie, download multiple files simultaneously. It is especially suitable for those situations when you are trying to download, for example, in the standard video DVD, HDRIP or copy Blu-ray-discs. Type format HDRIP or Blu-ray-discs can hold, in principle, from 8 to 15 GB and above. You understand that such a download volume of information on the direct link, even using some download manager, is simply unrealistic.

download-vuze-windows-pc-5465415132This program also allows multiple custom actions that are not inherent to all loaders. You can download the original torrent-file, and then open it at any time and download the main file referenced by the torrent-file origin. Through the use of technology super-seeding, the application can significantly increase the rate of return, which in turn affects the reception of users download this file.

In practice, it works like any torrent-loader which in their function can be used by the type of data sharing peer to peer networks.

One of the strongest advantages of this application is that it supports the work through any proxy servers, and provides a huge number of encoding.

Functionality of the program does not end. The fact that the application using the built-in player can play streaming video directly from the Internet, online. First of all, it concerns such popular hosting like YouTube.

Somewhat uncomfortable, at first glance, it might seem that the program Vuze designed for use in environments Java. For it to work correctly, naturally need the latest update Java-machine. In some Windows operating systems such products are not always included.

download-vuze-windows-pc-564846516413Of course, this does not apply, and XP operating systems above. However, when you install the program will check the operating system, the latest update of the Java platform and offer to install or upgrade the current one. After installation and the first start the program automatically checks all the existing settings for connecting to the Internet and exposes the necessary own settings. First of all, it concerns the use of the protocols TCP / IP.