WebCamEffects - program for editing and creating videos using your webcam or using any video file on your computer. Love the video chat with friends, but tired of routine? Use this program to change its appearance or surroundings online. The software runs on Windows platform and with all modern Internet messengers and webcams.

Key Features WebCamEffects

This program allows you to transform various images of video captured by your webcam, make Snap-shots with a variety of effects, or edit existing videos. Using WebCamEffects, you can turn yourself into a favorite character, change or add a hat, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, torso. This can be used as a standard set of effects, and create them yourself or use any image or video - the program can capture images or portions thereof, from any source, whether it's a file on a computer, the image on the Internet or from any of the playing video. In the same way, you can transform their environment. Want to be a terminator on the streets of Paris or yourself in your favorite film? WebCamEffects make it just a couple of clicks, and help in this intuitive measuring. Similarly, the program can record video from your webcam and apply all the effects described him as online and spend editing after recording. The same can be done with any existing video files, whether film or video. Besides the visual effects, WebCamEffects may impose, and music, and, audio track does not have to be on the computer - you can use the sounds from the microphone or play online.


The program has many built-in effects, filters and allows you to download or create new ones yourself. A large number of different settings will help create exactly what you need. Here you can adjust the video bitrate, size, specify the codecs, and more.

As a result, we have a great and simple program with many features, which makes it possible to vary the video chat, while making no effort. WebCamEffects same suit and amateur video editing and creation, because it is very easy to use and functionally capable of replacing even professional video editors.