WebCamXP is quite a powerful utility that allows you to organize any kind of video with or without connection to the Internet. It helps to organize video between multiple computers and supports ten cameras.

Key Fatures WebCamXP

Immediately it is worth paying attention to the fact that the program WebCamXP, itself an Internet application is not. It differs in many respects from the video conferencing, for example, in programs such as Skype . Yes, and principles of operation they are completely different. In simple terms what this application is no more than a tracking program using external cameras on the type of security systems.

It is clear that in this case you do not have to install additional servers and software for the creation of video. This program has it all complete. Moreover, it does not use the remote servers of type Skype, and creates a server directly on the computer on which you are installing. Plus, the program allows you to directly access the camera without using a connection to the Internet. This application works on any kind of network levels. For example, it may be a private network on the local computer, or the minimum physical LAN, which can be used even ADSL-modems, and, of course, any network of regional level (FOS).

download-webcamxp-pc-windows-xp-7-8As for the settings, everything is simple. Due to the presence of appropriate built-in utilities, setting up connections do not have to mess around for a long time. Only need to specify the server port and the path to the local directory. Thereafter, respectively, can be operated. Take at least videoconferencing. Thanks to the camera in different areas, it is quite simple to do. After all, in this, case, devices such as would play the role of a web camera. The only thing that is inconvenient, this application is not able to capture sound. However, when used in tandem with specialized audio tools, everything falls into place. Among several unusual features of the program is worth noting the possibility of not only the transmission of video from cameras, but also broadcast video that is transmitted through the LAN.

In principle, the program can be used as a monitoring tool. You can install, say, a response to the camera movement, especially as it was originally an app for that and developed. WebCamXP very good fit for the organization and the use of video surveillance ,. For example, for small and medium offices. Especially because it has low system resources and is very easy to setup and use.