WebShot: Shoot screenshots of entire web pages and stores them in either JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP; Standard tools have the disadvantage that they often save only the portion of the Website which is also displayed on the screen; the Advanced Server Edition includes a DLL which allows integration of tools into your own applications

WebShot is a free, free utility that is designed for creating screenshots from various websites. Possible, of course, not so much, however, the program is very simple at the board and configuring basic settings when working with web resources.

Key Features WebShot Free

To begin with, we note that the size of the installation distribution has a little more than 12 MB, which is quite a bit by today's standards. But after installation, you get a pretty interesting tool for creating screenshots. The main difference of this software similar programs is that for capturing images from the screen (ie, loaded with the page) do not need to physically open the requested web resource in the browser window. In the interface of this application is present address bar, where, in fact, is found the address of the desired site, and then start the process of obtaining a screenshot image.

For ease of use, this program allows you to enter multiple web addresses to automatically receive all the screenshots, they say, the gross in batch mode. Quite interesting is the built-in scheduler, with which you can get screenshots at regular intervals, which is often quite convenient. Among the very useful features is present and the ability to set resolution of the resulting images and image zoom function. And just as easily, you can use the scaling system virtual browser window itself (ie, the program), which made the discovery of the desired page in the background.

If we talk about the supported image formats, the application presents the most common image formats, namely, JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP, who after saving the screenshot is quite elementary can be edited in the graphic editors of any level of complexity.

But that's the only thing that upsets some. In this case, presented in English only. But the undoubted benefits include the fact that the program is absolutely correct on many operating systems Windows, including Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Server 2003/7.

In this way, To sum up some results, we can say that this software will satisfy all those users who appreciate the ease of use of the application and getting screenshots of web sites of high quality without the physical loading of pages in the Web browser. In principle, the program is quite easier to work, allowing to abandon the use of procedures such as Print Screen button and edit the result in graphic programs.


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