Control the volume of the Windows notifications using the mouse scroll bar: This is the proposal of WheelsOfVolume, a program created by the developer known as Fuzlez and is freely available for download.

After downloading the program, all you need to do to use it is double-click the executable. Without the need for installation, it is up to the user to decide when he wants to use the program for easy volume control or remove any sound from the operating system.

To control the volume, simply move the scroll bar up or down, or press it to mute the system. If you want to make the sounds again, simply move the button on one of the mentioned directions and everything is back to normal.

Review Of WheelsOfVolume

Behind the proposal, WheelsOfVolume to be a useful program for many users, but ends up slipping on such important points that all we can say it is the fact of being a fully dispensable software.

The first point to support this idea is that the volume control simply does not. Are you extended or with just a dash to reply, you will still hear everything normally, except to activate the Mute (and still does not fulfill its role whenever it is requested).

Also, another thing that should be mentioned is that it works only when the scroll bar is used on the desktop - that is, if in the middle of an important activity in the browser or any program, you must minimize it before have access to the software.

In the end, if you want to control the volume issued by Windows, your best bet is still resorting to the missing top button on the task bar and make this change manually. At least you will be sure that everything will work as it should.

Download WheelsOfVolume For Windows PC

Pros Of WheelsOfVolume

  • Lightweight program

Cons Of WheelsOfVolume

  • Does not change the volume issued by Windows
  • Only the Mute option works (and from time to time)

Download WheelsOfVolume