WinAmp Lite is a "light" version of WinAmp 5. He and has almost all the same functions that are provided as standard, and the full version. Exceptions concern basically just video playback. But to listen to audio files This player is not simply replaced as has long been a kind of standard in the field of multimedia.

Key Features WinAmp Lite

The installation package weighs much less than the fixed version, and takes only about 4 MB. Agree to the program of such high rank, quite a trifle.

Key features are presented exactly at the level of the playback audio. As a player, the program really is unparalleled because it has a crystal clear sound, even when using the equalizer. Of course, there are some limitations, because by connecting additional modules DSP-processing, for example, in the version of WinAmp 5 Full, such as SRS WOW, can achieve automatic alignment of the signal level at the output. Here, of course, that you do not get (although the possibility of normalization provides sound). However, when well tuned equalizer, sound is very, very attractive, which, incidentally, is no worse sound produced when working with semi- and professional virtual and digital counterparts.

Naturally, organize folders and files, as usual, at altitude. Connect plugin is very simple. The same applies to work with a CD with support for CD Text. Recording and copying are made without any problems.

As for working with video, then there are some limitations. But they are so insignificant that, without using the advanced features, they can simply be ignored.

Just as in the full version supports a huge number of skins. That is, thanks to their use, the player may be given practically any desired form, depending on your taste and mood.


Similarly, there is the ability to search and listen to Internet radio stations and watching Internet TV. Only in this version, too, has its limitations.

However, it is not important. The main thing is that the program has a file size of 4 MB gives such an impressive set of features that can be envied by many more or less professional programs designed for watching videos and listening to audio, including TV and radio. And I must give credit to the developers, the program is not for nothing is one of the leading positions in the field of work with multimedia content.