Windows 8 Codecs is one of the new sets of codecs and decoders, specially designed for use in modern operating system. The manufacturer of this set made ​​by the same company that created a similar package for the operating system Windows 7. Therefore, to doubt the quality of the product is not necessary.

Key Features Of Windows 8 Codecs

So. As you know any package of codecs and decoders designed for multimedia playback. This includes audio and video files as well as streaming video that can be viewed on the Internet, using only an Internet browser, and without the help of specialized software players.

And first of all, this set is focused on watching videos. After all, everyone knows that today the video encoders, there are quite a few. In order to view these files on your computer, using, for example, the same Windows Media Player, its own built-in tools is not enough. Yes producers operating system itself did not seek to ensure that absolutely everything so you can watch or listen to. They just handed the task of specialized manufacturer software.

And I must say that the manufacturer coped with its task simply as "excellent". The fact is that to date software package Windows 8 Codecs is the most complete and unique collection for the new "OSes". It has no competitors in principle.

download-windows-8-codecs-pack-windows-pc-516161552152152151With regard to the principle of the installation, it is exactly the same as that set for the seventh version. The installation program checks the system for some or other codecs and decoders, removes and replaces them with his own. That's all. However, unlike many such programs, in this case without installing any additional software players and unaffected association file specified by default. For simplicity, let us say - it is established that the new players intercept assignment program for opening a particular file. After installing the files, the program only opens. Reassign the association again in manual mode - it is quite laborious and time consuming. And many users of these, or no time, or simply have no desire to. In this case, we give an example. If you have to install it was stated that the video opens with the help of such a program, and after installation, the same program will be opening this type of file by default.

In general, by and large, this set - a very necessary thing. And moreover, the only one of its kind, because the operating system is not yet fully tested.