Windows 8 Manager - a completely new tool to optimize 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems Windows 8. By and large, this software can be classified as tweaking, which are designed to remove unwanted debris from the system and optimize its operation, that is, turn off unneeded services or simply speed up the operation of the "OSes."

Key Features Of Windows 8 Manager

First of all, it is necessary to dwell on the question, what generally has been associated development of this software. The fact is that in Windows 8 access to functions and control them is made entirely on a different principle than all those that have been used even in Windows 7. It seems quite clear that the program optimizers designed for earlier releases of Windows, in this environment simply do not work and are completely useless. And that's why, and was created by this utility.

Currently available only to the original free beta version, which is still in development. However, even the first "test" went over well. Of course, the program still does not have a full range of features that are found in earlier versions of the software, however, the basic functions work quite right yet.

The program interface is quite simple. The main application window is divided into two parts. On the left side are the basic functions are divided into groups, and in the central part of the window displays basic information and the progress of a process optimization. Among the main sections are presented, such as information about the system, process manager, optimization wizard plus one-click optimization, recovery center, network management, security center, manager disk cleanup, and so.. In addition, the advanced settings can be found, for example, functional change, they say, by itself, as well as many additional settings that will be used in the optimization process. Naturally, in such settings must be treated quite seriously and carefully. If you are a new user, it is best to use the automatic optimization, h is actually a lot easier.

download-windows-8-manager-pcGenerally, the program is executed in a professional manner. Of course, I would expect it to, say, the presence of the defragmenter and Registry Editor. Apparently, all this is still in the process of developing and additions. After all, not for nothing that this is only a beta version, which just passes trial testing. Let's hope that this software package is well developed. Although, to date, it remains unclear whether it will eventually free or, still have to pay for it. I think the second is more likely. However, as they say, time will tell.