Windows 8 Transformation Pack is one of a variety of standard software solutions such as that may be to the taste of all those users who prefer to decorate a non-standard operating system interface design or transform the version in the form of a later release.

Key Features of Windows 8 Transformation Pack 9.1

By and large, the principle of operation of this application is by no means new. At one time, thus working programs like Blind Guardian or application that mimics the interface of Windows XP or Vista. So, this software is the conventional simulator. At the same time, however, take into account all the main features of the organization of the GUI Windows 8. In principle, you can change almost everything. The most important changes are subject to the system boot screen, logon screen, the majority of themes, wallpapers, desktop icons, as well as the use of multiple Bonhoeffer that are represented in the new operating system.

However, along with the ability to create a custom interface based on Windows XP Vista or 7, there are many problems. The developers of this software package is recommended to install it in a "clean" system, that is, roughly speaking, just installed on a computer. Yes, this is understandable. Almost all programs of this type are constantly working in the background, are in the system tray and is quite loaded system resources. In particular, this applies to memory, the hard disk and use the maximum CPU capability. If this type of product is installed in a system overloaded huge amount of programs, or have not optimized, you can even get a fairly strong rebound effect, which will be in the fact that the installation program will lead to a complete loss of functionality across OSes.

download-windows-8-transformation-pack-9-1-pcOn the other hand, lovers decorate the interface of the operating system or make it a semblance of the new version, even such seemingly serious things do not always stop. Well, not to you and me to decide whether to install the application on your computer, without considering the consequences. As the saying goes freestyle - will ... Actually, though it is believed that this software is fully tested, for many it is a legitimate question. When giving advice, from a practical point of view, by and large, to overload a system, and the more resources it uses, just not worth it, although it is a purely personal opinion.

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack 9.1 For PC