Windows Movie Maker is a good program for easy operation with video files that are included in the operating systems Windows, starting with version IU. In principle, it can be found as a separate product, which is distributed for free.

Key Features Of Windows Movie Maker

First of all, it is worth noting that most of the functions of the program are fully automated. This allows the application to use at home. Moreover, the program is perfect for users who only make their first steps and learned the basics of video processing.

With regard to the application interface, it is clearly structured. The fact that all the functions and capabilities of the program are divided into three main groups. In the first group are presented tools import video and audio for further processing. The second group is made, in fact, the very material handling with various editing operations, both video and audio. Moreover, here you can apply various special effects. The third group contains tools preserving the finished material with the ability to export.

As for the imported video, you must pay tribute, the program supports most analog and digital video cameras. However, you can use the files on the hard drive or removable storage devices. In the process of working with the program, you can create not only video, but also various slide show using graphics. Among the operations here presents the most simple: cutting, gluing, copying, cutting, dubbing and captions. Quite convenient is Storyboard mode, which is when you create a new file, the empty cells, in which you can drag and drop to insert the video in the audio track and any necessary audio. In addition, in the arsenal of the program features a few simple effects that can be applied to video or graphics. Of course, to create some masterpiece by type of professional studios will not work, however, for the treatment of, say your family amateur shootings to make them memorable, the program has plenty of opportunities and resources.


If we talk about saving the finished work, it is possible to do anything on your computer hard drive, or on any other device, including cameras. In this case, there is no difference.

Summarizing, we can say that for beginners program is an ideal solution. If you learn the basics of working with video using Windows Movie Maker, you can be sure to continue to work with semi- and professional programs were not working. Principles of operation for most applications of this type are the same and can differ only in some details.