Windows Repair Toolbox is a program dedicated to performing diagnostics and repair of machines that run the OS from Microsoft. Equipped with various tools, the program is able to analyze system performance; information about the performance of the hardware components, as well as any software problems or malware, can also be readily accessible.

The identification of parts that make up the PC is done automatically: CPU type, extent of RAM, details about the installed operating system, connection status, and even the machine operating temperature are some of the specifications displayed by Windows Repair monitor Toolbox.

A Complete Central Maintenance

Various tests can be applied from the central maintenance. In "Report," for example, a quick scan of the system can be made so that a report about the main components comprising a machine can be generated.

Along the "Hardware" tab, the evaluation through monitor benchmarks, battery, hard disk or RAM can be run from a single click. Repair services are provided even with the first interface of Windows Repair Toolbox: Update your network adapter, identify the programs started with the system or even wipe your browsing history without accessing third-party applications.

Remove threats and test their applications

The implementation of tools able to identify and remove malware can be made from the screen "Malware Removal." ComboFix, RogueKiller or Malwarebytes are some of the virus that can be installed and managed also from the Windows Repair Toolbox interface. It is worth noting that, on the same screen, the RAM usage percentages and processor may be accompanied.

rapid diagnostics for the detection of any failure of performance in applications such as Word, Excel, Java or PowerPoint can be started in "Final Tests" section that enables you also to check drivers, connection speed and performance of the browser and webcam . It was easy to stay informed about the status of your computer, right?

Features of Windows Repair Toolbox

Windows Repair Toolbox is one of the more central computers complete performance monitoring. Equipped with a series of tools designed to carry out software hardware diagnostics, this application promises to please both novice users and technical IT seeking a smart, versatile and dynamic program capable of running as well as a reliable vigilant.

As the main decoy application is the diversity of services that can be activated from a single interface: tests on the performance of the RAM, CPU, hard drive or monitor, for example, are some of the functions that allow complete analysis of PC . Monitor the performance of the internal components of the machine is also very easy: just consult the program footer.

The diversity of Windows Repair Toolbox performance, however, comes at a price: some of the services that can be run from the app must be downloaded, which can cause discomfort to those who are not willing to lower ancillary services. It is worth noting that the description of the options is listed in English; it is therefore necessary that the user has some knowledge of the foreign language.

Still, Windows Repair Toolbox is the ideal tool, the "ever-present companion," who is looking for a full-service monitoring and diagnostics. The Office suite programs are all working properly? How is the status of your drivers? Discover problems, upgrade programs and eliminate threats got even easier!

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