WinGuard is unique in its kind program that not only provides protection for any type of data using the AES encryption algorithm 238-bit industrial-class, but also blocking access to a variety of functions of the operating system Windows, as well as the ability to protect even system processes.

Key Features Of WinGuard Pro

The first thing that catches the eye, it is not even protect confidential data, whether the folders or files. The greatest interest WinGuard Pro is a program in terms of blocking access to the system elements and processes. For example, if a computer terminal running multiple user administrator can limit their access to change the system configuration. It is clear that if there is only one administrator, other users rights to such changes do not have. But in the case of full rights can completely block access, such as the Explorer, Control Panel, Internet browser, etc. Generally, by and large, you can block almost any item or process.

Only this is not all. The program WinGuard Pro allows you to use an alternative method, which is to set passwords on executable program files, which have, as a rule, the extension .EXE. Although, if you look, there is nothing easier to block or set a password on any dynamic libraries such as .DLL, without which the appropriate application simply will not start (except portable versions of the programs).

Similarly, the application simply WinGuard Pro allows you to block the installation of new software, as well as some executable applets ActiveX.

Now a few words about the shortcomings. All the above refers to the free version of WinGuard Pro. Here it should be noted that it is not a free version allows you to protect or block, for example, a removable USB-drives as ordinary flash drives or removable drives. In order to get this opportunity, you must purchase a paid release, but it costs money. However, for most users, I think that's enough, and the free version, since it has a rather impressive feature set.

For correct operation of the program, note you need to install .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.5), since, in the stationary version of the installation package, and even more so in a portable version, it is not.


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