The WiperSoft is a tool that monitors your computer in real time and according to the need, makes the cleaning of unwanted waste, such as spyware and other threats. The program serves as a great cleaning option for those times when the computer is to "debris" unwanted.

The security component protects the machine from various web threats: spyware, malware, viruses and the like. The software is able to remove toolbars that install themselves without the user's consent, adware and utilities living bothering browsing experience.

The WiperSoft can fix all those little glitches that affect computers daily. Leave the activated tool while you browse the web can be a great option, and best of all: the program is 100% free.


Review Of WiperSoft

For a totally free program, WiperSoft shown very efficient. Generally, tools that perform the function it performs, that is, monitoring and cleaning unwanted computer waste are limited when offered for free, but this software is a special case.

Functional, friendly and extremely versatile, the tool is able to perform a number of tarefinhas without causing the boring and customary slowness in the process. Malware, spyware and pubes installers are removed with WiperSoft.

The only lament is that the software does not have version in Portuguese. Still, users who are accustomed to managing this type of tool, very common to those who like to handle the PC resources, will be a familiar and uncomplicated environment, especially when it's 100% free.

WiperSoft Download