Wise Care 365 - one of many tools for computer maintenance and increase its productivity. This software package has several built-in modules, which are responsible for their sector optimizations allow pretty much increase the speed of the computer as a whole. In addition to standard features, the application has a number of additional functions, which in some other programs do not meet.

Key Features Of Wise Care 365

The first thing that catches the eye at first glance at the features of the program, it is a set of standard functions. Here are the modules scan and clean registry from incorrect, unnecessary or outdated entries, followed by its defragmentation, deleting temporary files, Internet surfing, cleaning RAM by unloading unused programs or device drivers, and much more that is available in most of the functionality of a set of utilities that level .

But the interesting features of this software package is that it has an innovative system disk defragmentation, which is not always found in such applications. In addition, the set comes a powerful tool of protection of personal data by hiding drives, files and folders, as well as a module for protection against unauthorized access to your computer. Another innovation of the program can be called and data recovery tools that for programs of this kind at all uncommon.

If we talk about the system requirements, they do not seem high. Moreover, the same program works correctly with 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The only thing that should be distinguished, so that is what is actually the application is available in two basic versions: Free and Pro. In principle, most of what is presented in the functional set, there is a free release. Professional version, of course, is not free, but it functions in a few more (although the average user, I think they are not needed). This includes the possibility of complete destruction of private data, a set of skins, automatic update to the latest version online, a slightly higher degree of protection of the PC, as well as service support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it is necessary for it to give further order of $ 40? Let me suggest that there is.


And generally, in conclusion, we note that the program shows itself really stands because it has many features of this type of improper utilities (take defragmentation or hide data). So, to optimize the performance of your computer, and best wish for no cost.