Wise Disk Cleaner belongs to the category of software packages to optimize the Windows operating systems by removing unnecessary files. The program is quite extensive, although in principle, something special is not different from the set of functions of many of these programs. However, despite this, the packet belongs to one of the best in this area.

Key Features Of Wise Disk Cleaner

Probably should start with the fact that this software is absolutely free. In addition to the fixed version, you can download and the so-called portable version (portable), which absolutely does not require installation on your hard drive and can be used for any removable storage device type, CD or DVD-ROM drive, USB-drives, flash drives or, removable memory cards.

Of the main features I would like to stay at the most basic. The program allows you to clean and optimize your computer's hard drive by finding and permanently remove unwanted or unused dynamic libraries in DLL, various types of LOG-files, or files that are no longer used by a particular program. The application has built-in protection of personal information, which is quite correctly removes traces of Internet surfing: browsing history, temporary Internet files, and so on. E., That are in the system folder C: / Windows / Temp. In addition, with the help of this software you can completely override the file associations, use the encryption and decryption of data, and finally, just remove them completely and irrevocably.

Wise Disk Cleaner has many flexible settings, which can be used, for example, experienced users. However, for those who have no desire or ability to delve into the system settings, there is a possibility to use an automatic system optimization. This function is divided into two sections: Useless files in computer and Traces in computer. The first section contains data on the unused files, and the second - in the traces of installed programs, system information and Windows operating system components, Internet surfing. For more advanced settings can be applied and advanced mode Advanced Cleaner. By the way, all the changes can be restored if you do not want to apply the changes.


In general, the program is done quite well. A big plus is the ability to automatically optimize the operating system and quickly find and remove unnecessary files from the hard disk. However, the earlier releases work quite stable. And not for nothing that this software package is considered to improve the computer one of the best and most functional.