Wubi - an interesting utility, which is the installer a second operating system on your computer. And this system Linux Ubuntu, which among many computer users has recently become incredibly popular. Incidentally, compared to Windows, Ubuntu uses the most out of your computer and provides a much better performance.

Key Features Wubi

Immediately I want to note that the installation distribution is quite small, a little less than 37 MB, which operating system do nothing. However, for a full installation on a hard disk OSes need at least 10 GB of free space. The most interesting and important difference of this utility is that it operates in fully automatic mode. The user does not have to worry about partition a disk, or any system configuration after the installation process. Certainly, many people know that install and configure Linux is not always so easy as it seems at first glance. In this case it is absolutely difficult to install all excluded.

And So. Getting to the installation, you must run the application itself, and then select any location on your hard drive where it will be installed a new operating system. By the way, this place could be anywhere. The problem of compatibility in the two operating systems is simply not available.

The installation process resembles the installation Windows. All, as usual. The only thing that need to be done during the installation process to create a new password for logging into Ubuntu. By and large, this action and end user. Upon completion of all the necessary files is made to restart the computer and then selecting the selector new OSes. The following is a continuation of the installation. Once the system is automatically restarted. Again, in the selector choose Ubuntu, enter your password. All. Here is a full working version of Linux Ubuntu. Customize nothing. And this is a major plus.

download-wubi-windows-xp-vista-7-8A few words about what you get when you install. Firstly, the cloud an account with the release of Ubuntu one 2 GB of disk space to store your information and necessary files. Second full access to the directory for free and most importantly safe programs Ubumtu Softare Centre. And thirdly, the automatic update of the operating system as well as all the installed programs and applications.

In general, if you really decided to work and explore the operating system Ubuntu, use this setup utility - the easiest way to get a fully functional on your computer OSes automatically with minimal effort and time.