XFire - one of the few programs that will satisfy fans of the modern team games, since it is designed for voice communication in the passing game, and for the exchange of short text messages. In addition, the utility is easy to operate and does not load the settings and system resources. And with the right hand side is not something that a novice user, and even a child.

Key Features Of Xfire

First of all, it is worth noting that surprising when you realize how many features and functionality, developers have invested in such a small installation distribution. Programs such a level rarely boast of interesting possibilities. The fact that the application automatically determines the games installed on a specific computer, and monitors the status of the game servers, which are active at the moment. This allows any user at any time to join the network team game.

Generally, with regard to the sound itself, the program allows you to play very high-quality sound with minimum delay. Here the point is that Xfire uses the IP-telephony. It is due to this, as well as the use of the method of connection of the "client-server" and so-called "cloud computing system," decreases the delay in the transmission of the signal and the load on the line, and also eliminates the need to reserve for telephony outsider or install a separate server. It is thanks to this system, in the game you can not only communicate, and even watch videos without leaving the game.


Software engine Xfire Pro-Voice, which runs the program, will allow significantly reduce noise. And for music playback hardware is provided a system of analysis and signal processing, which improves the playback quality. Just like many other programs that use the IP-telephony, you can create your contact lists and to use multi-user chat. From unique features worth noting the possibility of switching users on your channel, and customizable levels of rights and powers for the different players. This is useful, for example, if the game goes on all the rules of the battlefield, and the players have a strict hierarchy of subordinate.

At the present stage of development of computer games, from which increasingly require realism, first of all, for some reason, everyone wants to improve the graphics and of feeling which makes communication between them in the game, forget. And in vain! In general, if you can not live without a team shooter or MOORPG, then this program will surely bring you great pleasure. Especially, the application itself will tell to what game you can join at the moment. And if you take into account its excellent features and a small "weight", he asked in general prices. And the program is distributed free of charge.