XnView Minimal is the minimum version of one of the best to date graphical browsers or as they are sometimes called, vaquero. He has a very diverse characteristics and capabilities. The only exception is the number of recognizable graphic formats.

The Main Features Of XnView Minimal

First of all, it should be said that the program is distributed for free, and distributive is only 2.44 MB. Accordingly, the program and has only the most necessary feature set that is used for dealing with images. In fact, unlike the versions of a Standard and Full is only in the number of formats that the program can work.

Among the features worth noting that, by and large, this application allows you to not only view images, change their basic parameters, but also convert formats between themselves. In addition, the application has a preview function, supported files with descriptions. Moreover, it is possible to capture images from the screen for subsequent processing.

Additional features of the application it is worth noting the work with scanners support the creation of HTML-pages, as well as the specialized system for counting colors in a particular image. No less important is the support for multi-page TIFF-files formats DCX, LDF, as well as animated images such as GIF or ICO. In addition, support metadata formats IPTC and EXIF.

In terms of the organization of the collections program has its own image browser. Viewing can be done, for example, in full-screen mode, or using a slideshow. Moreover, if your system has the appropriate codecs and decoders, directly in the application window, you can view and video files. However, for the minimum version number of formats is limited, but as they say, nonetheless.

If we talk about the work with scanners, it is necessary to pay attention to the standards support TWAIN, as well as for direct printing.

In conclusion I would say that the minimum version supports all four languages. And, although the number of formats that could work program, and is somewhat limited, however, application is very comfortable and practical. Especially when the user simply does not need anything extra. In principle, for quick viewing graphics core of the most common formats, the program will come, could not be more helpful.


Download XnView Minimal For PC