ZOLA Repair Internet Browser is a simple tool that allows you to repair errors and reset settings in the three major browser market, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

With an intuitive interface, the program is able to remove any toolbar or extension that is hindering the functioning of the browser. In addition, you can also perform a total reset to return the settings to their original state.

While antivirus and anti-malware help detect and eliminate infectious agents from your computer, the ZOLA Repair Internet Browsers looking normalize your browser's functionality.

Restoring the settings

The program is able to fix browser problems, restore connection settings and facilitate the removal of malware and viruses. The ZOLA Repair Internet browsers free browser and network settings of the damage caused by malware in just one click.

The ZOLA Repair Internet Browsers can repair the title bar of Internet Explorer circumstances opportunistic malware has modified this parameter. The home page is one of the targets of unsolicited changes, but now you can fix this problem quickly.

Getting rid of malware

Sometimes, malware can change the browser's security guidelines, putting the security of your computer at risk. With ZOLA Repair Internet Browsers, you can restore all the changes, even if they have been blocked by the invaders.

With this software, you can delete cookies ( small configuration files created by websites in order to store navigation information into your computer)  and also the complete browsing history.


ZOLA Repair Internet Browser Review

ZOLA Repair Internet Browser is a simple and efficient software. It is common to have problems in browsers after some time due to leftovers of programs installed without authorization. Reinstalling everything at once can be an endless nuisance, and that's when this application is useful. It consumes few system resources and does not weigh in time to perform their tasks.

Easy to use

The interface is extremely clean and well-planned, bringing the items organized in a simple way without confusing people who perhaps have less experience with this kind software.

The program is free and displays a tool that brings advertisements on top of the screen. Still, these ads do not interfere with the use of the program, since they are small and do not pollute the viewing tools.


During testing, the software performed their assignments quickly and did not present any problems. It is also worth noting that for all corrections to take effect, the ZOLA Repair Internet Browsers requires restarting the operating system.

The biggest downside of the program is that it does not have translation into Portuguese, making the experience of users who do not master the English language.

ZOLA Repair Internet Browser Download