Zoner Photo Studio 17 - one of the most powerful program that is designed to view and edit digital photos. You can use it to finish off such a result that no professional in the photos will not be able to criticize your creation, even if you are just a beginner in this business.

Key Features Of Zoner Photo Studio 17

To begin, a few words about the installation package. He "weighs" about 88 MB. Lot, you say? Yes, a lot. But, believe me, the program is worth it. After installation, you get the owl in the disposal of one of the most powerful tools of modern and interesting to work with photographic images.

This program not only fulfills the role of a photo editor. It can also act as a file manager, that is, to load images from a camera or scanner directly into the program for further processing. Supports virtually all models of digital cameras and scanners that work with standard TWAIN. In addition, the application is able to create and organize a collection of your photos. Selection criteria can be any number.

If talk about the actual editing photos, here there are all the necessary tools in order to achieve quality of the final result. You can always use the zoom function of photographs and removing image defects, editing colors, red-eye reduction, noise, editing prospects and much, much more. These are just some basic functions of the program. In fact, much more.

Upon completion of the work and save the resulting file, the program will be able to offer you several ways to print, and with the support of the integration with the Internet, if necessary, directly publish your work on a particular web-site or in a social network.


Finally, note that the standard version is available in English version. However, if you wish, you can download other language versions directly from the manufacturer. The only thing that upsets some, so that is what is available for download only a trial version, so called Shareware. For a full working version will have to pay. In principle, this is understandable. The software product of this level can not be free. Especially because, by and large, the program is a professional tool used by even the studio. So you had the opportunity to prove themselves in the field of photo editing to a whole new level.