Zoom Player Home is one of the most interesting and powerful multimedia player of our time, which combines all the great set of useful features, and ease of management. This version contains many important improvements and enhanced capabilities for its use.

Key Features Of Zoom Player Home

A distinctive feature of the new version of the popular player is a very low load on system resources, so you can use it on a fairly low-powered computers (which, incidentally, can not be said of players such as Windows Media Player). Besides, in best stability and compatibility it is possible to select the appropriate decoder. In other words, you can only choose what you want at the moment, but do not load all the decoders in a crowd.

Another feature is the specially developed technology scaling, which allows to avoid the appearance of black bars and distorted images on the borders of the screen (so called, overscan). Everything else, here provides the function of remembering the end point of the last file. That is, when you restart, you can start watching your movie is from the end of last time. It is very convenient because the user does not need to rewind film again and look for a moment at which the stop was made. In addition, the player allows you to play even damaged file format AVI. This is not, perhaps, none of the currently known software player. Plus, you can extract the video file from the archives and play them (naturally, without resorting to physical unpacking).

Just like most of the popular software players Zoom Player Home 8 detects a fairly large number of multimedia file formats, including audio and video.

Pretty originally solved the problem of remote control the player. Now you can set in the playlist link to the file on the remote computer, and then play it back so as if the file is on your hard drive.

download-zoom-player-home-pcAnd, naturally, this application has a built-in audio processing modules (eg, a 10-band equalizer with settings and filters) and supports a huge number of skins.

Well, finally, the player has many options and is particularly pleased can calmly controlled using keyboard shortcuts and combinations thereof.

Today Zoom Player is one of the "advanced" in the multimedia playback, especially audio and video. Nice interface and easy operation make it one of the most popular software products. Plus, of course, some of the specific features and a small load on system resources.