ChrisTV Lite is a lightweight software, which easily turns your PC or laptop into a powerful tool for surfing the Internet radio stations and television channels. With this program, users get access to a variety of TV channels and radio broadcasts from many countries of the world.

Key Features of ChrisTV Lite

First of all, we note that the installation file takes only about 6 MB. And, in spite of such small size, the program holds a pretty powerful features. At the core of the application is WDM-driver for the capture card technology based DirectShow. The program itself has a pretty powerful search engine and a variety of specialized settings. The settings are not always applied automatically, however, if you spend a little time and show terpenrie, to deal with them is not difficult.

As for the search, he presents is quite diverse and has many criteria. For example, you can search for a TV channel or radio station, asking in a country, language translation, the contents of the channel (the so-called content), channel type, category and more. And, we must pay tribute, the search system automatically finds all the channels that match the selected criteria.

If we talk about the main features, it is here for you a wide field of activity. You can resize images, add your favorite channels to Favorites subsequently to produce a new search, use the teletext mode or slide show, etc... In addition, the very search engine uses the auto-scan, which relieve the user from the search for the desired channel manually.


Another situation is when applied channel setting. The fact is that sometimes the user will have to manually configure the video input mode such as PAL or SECAM. Also, in some cases there is a delay of sound, sometimes there is no sound at all. Most probably this may be attributed to the configuration of the WDM-driver. In this case, we can advise go to the settings of the driver or filter DirectShow.

But, if we evaluate the program, by and large, it is one of the best. Suppose there are even some deficiencies, however, the application is quite functional and provides users with a wide range of TV and radio channels for viewing and listening. Himself software package is available in three versions. This ChrisTV Lite, ChrisTV Standard Edition and ChrisTV Premium. As probably already clear, Lite - obegchennaya version, Standard - Standard and Premium - the most functional and complete. Basically its all versions work the same, but slightly different functionality.