Dr.Capture is a capture software screens and video, ideal for people who need to take printscreen many other programs or documents to make tutorials or even to record content for the internet, as is the case with many youtubers producing daily various gameplays or tips.

As you may know, there are several channels of Google's social network using programs to capture gambling or step by step tutorials, since Windows itself can not record the desktop or a specific window to send to YouTube. As a result, utilities with Dr.Capture serve to make your life easier.
Record all or only a specific area

One new feature of this software is the ability to select the capture area, which can be the complete desktop, ie, all that computer displays a window (a Chrome tab, Spotify, or even a game Steam, for example) or a user-selected demarcation.

These options are very interesting for people who write tutorials or do not want to depend on the basic function of the keyboard Printscreen button, which captures an entire area and needs to be pasted into another program to enjoy the content. Dr.Capture offers shortcuts to your recordings, organizing all content in folders divided by dates.

Several output settings

Another aspect that Dr.Capture offers is the format of the configuration and quality of video or image outputs. In the options, you can choose whether the catch will be stored in .JPG extensions, .PNG, .GIF or even .bmp.

Already in the videos, you can opt for the software itself decoder or Windows. However, customization is up to the quality of the content, which can be compressed into a smaller size, rotate at 60 frames per second or even emphasize clicks or mouse movement, for example.


Features Of Dr.Capture

Dr.Capture is a video and image in one location capture software, ideal for people who need to take many shots of images for tutorials or documents and content creators on YouTube, for example, they need to upload a lot of content recorded directly from Windows.

intuitive interface

One of the positive points of this utility is its presentation and easy to use. All buttons are presented in a very intuitive way, being simple for any user to start using, without having to configure several options.

The picture and video sections are divided between two large icons at the top of the software, something very practical to change between them. The program also offers several capture options such as window mode, desktop and even an enclosed area, ideal for all types of video or desired printscreen.

Quality settings does not work

Despite offering several quality options such as video compression, extension, decoder used, frame rate and even recording sound, not everything works as it should here, unfortunately.

Frames per second, for example, can be set at 60 fps rate, which is much more fluid and beautiful to look at. However, observing the recordings, videos clearly are not at the desired frequency, which is not justified, since the option is available. This bug also occurs with the audible portion, which does not capture any music or sound recording.

Limitations of free software
Even with lots of options (some of which do not work due to technical problems), Dr.Capture has some limitations on free license, especially with regard to the video recordings.

In this issue, you can only capture up to a maximum of 20 minutes of uninterrupted content. If you want to extend this time, you should do multiple shots and use another software to edit and combine them into a single file. Moreover, all writes have a watermarked program for the water at the top.

In the end, Dr.Capture is not a bad program, but there are several elements that do not work as well as they should, especially when it involves video section. If you want an option to record tutorials, this software may break a branch, but certainly will not be good to capture gambles. Briefly, it is a good alternative just to catch printscreens.

Capture videos and Windows Image
It offers several quality options
Many ways to capture content
intuitive interface


Several features do not work
The video part is not so good
There is a watermark in catches

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