Dr.Web LiveUSB - program for disaster recovery of the operating system using the boot from removable USB-device or memory card when the normal load is not possible due to the fact that in the presence of a virus or malware, blocking start.

Key Features Dr.Web LiveUSB

The principle of operation used in this application, by and large resembles the notorious utility Dr.Web LiveCD. The only difference consists in the fact that in this case the loading of the tools is performed with a USB-device, and not a CD-ROM. Basically, this program is more convenient because the user does not need to carry a disk. And of course, the usual flash drive or memory card takes up much less space. After all, these devices can be worn even just in your pocket.

With regard to the process of using the program and its settings, there is almost everything is automated. To create this type of boot disk, you simply insert the device into USB-port, and then, if necessary, to format it. After that, just run the executable drwebliveusb.exe, after which, the program will automatically detect the available devices. After clicking the "Create boot disk" application automatically starts copying the necessary files. After completion of the copying process should just quit.

Now a few words about using this utility. The fact that it is based on a portable version of the operating system Linux, which ensures complete safety for use of the program. The reason is very simple. The fact that the operating system of this type viruses simply do not work, and even more so for Linux, they are not created at all. To run System Restore using a boot disk, you will need to enter the BIOS first boot (usually used for this key is Del) and the boot priority select the desired device as the main startup. This can be done in the Boot Sequence or Boot Priority, it all depends on the version of BIOS. After that you need to save the settings (usually key F10) and simply reboot the system. When you restart in the first place and work boot disk. The program will display a graphical user interface and offer to begin the scanning process. After this process is complete, it will offer to perform an action, and, inexperienced users to better take advantage of it is the recommended action. You understand that developed this software very smart people.

In conclusion, we can say that the program really is unique and versatile because you can use it with any removable USB-devices. Plus, it takes up minimal space on such a carrier.


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