DrugVokrug - is a shareware program for communication on the Internet, created by the type of messenger, but it has many important functions for working with social networks. In fact, this is DrugVokrug social network VKontakte like, where you can socialize, make new friends, share content in the form of music, photos, links, etc. As expected, the program DrugVokrug has its pluses and minuses. The saddest thing is that the disadvantage of a large, despite the growing popularity of the application.

Key Features DrugVokrug

Let's begin, perhaps, with the cons. Why DrugVokrug program is shareware? Yes, simply because most of the features in the free version just is not activated. When you install have to settle for only a minimal set. It goes without saying that when you buy the paid version of the official opportunities will be expanded. This is done through the purchase of so-called virtual coins that can pay for some services. For example, the coins are needed to enter the general chat is in your area, payment must be performed for the evaluation of gifts or photos. To be honest, not very comfortable, rather, a very uncomfortable. Who wants to pay money for something to put other estimates, higher than the average?

On the other hand, the program DrugVokrug is a pretty versatile solution that ensures its smooth operation, not only on the operating systems Windows, including version 7 and 8, but also on mobile platforms. Most interesting is that initially, the application was DrugVokrug and is focused on the use of mobile phones. At the same time there are several versions of DrugVokrug that are suitable for, say, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, iOS, Blackberry, etc. In principle, one can find even Java-version running on even the most primitive devices with support for Java 2.0.

As for interefeysa, it is much like many of the popular social network VKontakte type. Actually, the process of managing, finding, or communication is made in the same way. Interesting feature of the program can be called directly DrugVokrug redirect it into a social network VKontakte. Most likely, it is connected with the close cooperation between a group of application developers and administrators DrugVokrug social network VKontakte. Emphasis is on it.

In general, if the sum, the result of a program DrugVokrug can be in and out at a certain level of popularity and demand. But for now, due to limited feature set, this can not speak.


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