NOD32 - reliable integrated antivirus, occupying a leading position in the market of antivirus programs. Developed by ESET for maximum protection of your computer in real time. ESET NOD32 combats viruses, worms, Trojans and other threats, such as spyware, adware and phishing attacks. The functional program is very wide, which makes it ideally suited to almost any user.

NOD32 utilizes patented Threat Sense technology to detect new threats in real-time by analysis of running programs for malicious code, which makes it possible to prevent the actions of developers of malware. For more qualitative detection of previously unknown viruses except virus databases used heuristic methods. The combination of advanced technology intellectual data protection allow to assess the reputation of applications before launch and provides a reliable and powerful system to protect your computer. To appreciate this, you can test free antivirus NOD32 free download from the link below.

easy-way-to-download-eset-nod32-antivirus-2015-for-windows-pc-545456545 The program has both resident scanner that automatically scans files when they are accessed, and on-demand scanner. With 32 nodes can protect children from undesirable sites. In addition, there are functions antispam, intrusion prevention and protection of Wi-Fi connections. You will be able to enjoy social networking, online games, and downloading files from the Internet without worrying about the safety of personal data.

Since most of the program code is written in assembly language, it compares favorably with other similar programs low consumption of system resources and high speed scan with the default settings. The undoubted advantage is the fact that when you update the database using a mirror, and you can create mirror updates intranet, thereby significantly reducing the load on the Internet channel. Malicious items detected and neutralized immediately, without reducing the speed of the computer. Moreover, as in the popular antivirus Avira Antivir 2015 provided a gaming mode.

Among other useful features of the program should note the presence of a special widget that reports the status of computer protection. Updates occur automatically without user intervention. All settings and rules of operation, you can password protect.

easy-way-to-download-eset-nod32-antivirus-2015-for-windows-pc-55454545445For laptop users ESET NOD32 fits just perfect, as it determines when the laptop is running on battery power, going into power saving mode automatically. It is impossible not to note such useful features as Anti theft, with which you can find a stolen device. An important feature is the USB-control, identifying the removable media on a number of parameters.

Download NOD32 trial version is available for free, but after a trial period, you will need to buy a key. And on all the issues you can install and configure the clock to consult specialists ESET.