Eclipse IDE is, in fact, not even a program, not other than the whole IDE web applications and programs (Integrated Development Environment) with open source software, which was originally designed for the creation of various tools for developers of this type of programs. However, over time the whole software product has become somewhat a big decision, rather than just the usual medium of writing scripts and applications.

Key Features Of Eclipse IDE

To get started is to say that this software is cross-platform and allows you to create a variety of tools and applications using the language Java, which is used in many different environments or operating systems, including even the installation of games on mobile systems. In the platform itself includes compiled binaries for Windows, AIX, QNX, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and Mac OS X. That is, we are dealing with a fairly universal platform.

Interesting is the fact that the platform supports most programming languages, which are created and software products of any complexity. It features integration with the syntax of languages such as Java, C / C ++, Cobol, Java, C / C ++, Cobol and some others. Working with such a platform is quite easy, since, as in many other tools, here we have a system of syntax highlighting editor, interfaces for many standard control systems such as CVS source code and ClearCase, debugger source code with support for threads, class navigator, code compilation, a file manager and project manager, etc. Among other things, the platform allows you to use many additional modules in the form of plug-ins, which is engaged in the development of such holders of the computer market, IBM or HP.

eclipse-ide-full-32-64-bitsdownload-windows-pcThese plugins can greatly simplify the work not only with the environment, but also in many cases to save time and energy into creating a particular tool or application, regardless of the operating system used as such. The only thing you must take care to work properly, it is to install the latest version JRE (Java Runtime Environment) and the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), in fact, initially the software was designed to work under the control of a virtual machine based on the syntax JAVA.

Among other things, distributive contains several files, which contain the installation files for different operating systems with all the requirements of the latter. When you install will have to specify the target directory type Workspace file storage projects, then, everything will be ready to work in a virtual environment. Well, and to create a project with its many features and capabilities already belongs to the category of fantasy every user who decide to use this software.