After work, take their children to school, eat properly fuel your home and still take some time for leisure, it is natural that we forget the various activities that modern life imposes on us.

Therein appears Efficcess, a calendar that displays audible alarms and ensures that its obligations are not left aside. In addition to increasing its production (after all, you do not move on a schedule or check things on the mobile screen), it will make you be impressed with the amount of time wasted in secondary activities.

Calendars, notes and secrets

To use the tool, simply perform the installation and wait for the first program startup. Some tips on the possibilities of use are shown and you can learn a little more about Efficcess. Anyway, to create a new appointment on your calendar, simply click the picture of the desired date and check the window that opens.

The program also includes password management (so you never miss any of them), notes to the desktop, favorite URLs, search, cuddly themes and more. To choose a new theme, select "View" followed by "Interface Style", and then in what more do your head.

Scheduled Appointments

There are spaces to specify general or summary information, insert attachments, set periodic repetition or comment. After all is done, you can use the "Save and Close" or "Save and New" button to create another event on your calendar. These events are integrated with the notification system the system tray and you will be notified when any of them is close.

The Efficcess also has various forms of events display. You can choose a giant calendar that takes up almost the entire window, a simple list of all your events, a task frame - a secondary app function - or search field for you to look old or new notes amid the jumble of things that have already been noted.


Review Of Efficcess

Efficcess is a program that allows you to organize all your appointments in an intuitive way and yet extremely detailed. You can schedule anything for a specific date and attach files, set alarms, configure settings such as frequency, location, subjects, take notes and more.

Total organization

The Efficcess interface is modern and clear enough for any user. To make your work even easier, by default the program has translated into Portuguese. To include new tasks, just click on a calendar day or in separate area for events, select the time and set if you need some optional detail (a reminder with the name of a contact responsible for a meeting, for example).

Your level of organization is impressive: you can sort the commitments by color, time, priority, and various other forms. You can also set a tone for the alarm for each task. Efficcess still has options to list the activities and pursue future activities, so you anticipate their obligations.

Controlling Sensitive Information

In addition to separate your events by activity or on a calendar, the application also allows the user to customize the bell that will ring when the alert that an action should be executed. Another advantage is that it gives the option to observe things that have already been made, recovering some data without resorting to memory.

There is a search tool to help you locate the schedule, which has a fault in its execution: when selecting the priority order of an event, it does not organize so that this activity appears on the top of the list (ie, if something scheduled well in advance, you run the risk of being lost as a result).

Even with this flaw, Efficcess is a useful tool and can save it in times of tightening. After all, it is not good to trust always in memory and, at least during our tests, the application did not fail any time to perform some warning.

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