Use the mouse to move the pointer on your computer screen can be a thing of the past soon: with the Enable Viacam, you can use a webcam and head movements to do so.

All you need is a camera connected to the computer, which will be used for facial recognition. D and according to the developer, and iff process needs to be done only once.

After synchronizing the camera with the  Enable Viacam, you can move your head to move the pointer on the computer screen - something that can completely change the way people with disabilities use the PC or facilitate access for those who prefer not to use the mouse for some reason.

For this application to work correctly, you need a webcam that can capture at least 25 frames per second, something that most of today's cameras are capable of. After the initial configuration, which includes an acknowledgment of his face and a process for calibrating the movements, it is possible to leave the mouse completely.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the  Enable Viacam to the movements, which can increase or decrease the frequency of accidental clicks. Additionally, you can also choose the best method to click, among several possibilities. For example, the recommended setting makes baste leave the mouse still for a few seconds for an options window (right click, left click , etc.) is open.


Review Of Enable Viacam

The application  Enable Viacam is a great tool for anyone who needs to control the computer without using the mouse, being a viable alternative and completely free for people with motor disabilities can use the PC without restrictions.

Although magical look, it should be noted that the use of  Enable Viacam demand enough training and may not be exactly easy in the beginning. He well recognizes the face of users (and you can even do this manually, if you prefer), and the movements are smooth, but use this software completely changes the way you interact with your PC, so many habits need to be reviewed.

That is, we need to test the  Enable Viacam keeping in mind that it drastically changes the computer use and get used to it takes time, so get ready for a great strangeness at first. For example, if you often listen to music and shake his head while using the PC, you need to police not to do it - or you may end up taking the pointer to all sides of the screen.

Clicks and Movements

The  Enable Viacam works well and is a software that has received many awards and positive reviews, then it is already a major highlight of accessibility and can be the beginning of a revolution for those with physical disabilities - especially for being free, something that the alternatives use implants and neural responses are definitely not.

Some points, however, still need to be polished, which makes this is a novelty that draws attention, but still not perfect. For example, the click system is far less practical than what happens with the mouse, then it would be interesting to use different facial expressions for different clicks.

Another problem is that the movements are still very mechanical and unnatural, so be prepared to try several times before you can use the  Enable Viacam naturally and automatically. Better recognition system would greatly help it.

Worth it?

The application issues  Enable Viacam are no match for the advantages, however. This application allows people with motor disabilities to use computer virtually unlimited and without spending anything, which already pays off work to get used to the new type of control pointer.

Thus, very worth not only download the  Enable Viacam, but also use it and report to the failures developer and possible adjustments, something that tends to constantly improve the program. This software is free, but donations can be made to help accelerate  the development of the platform.

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