EssentialPIM is nothing as vital and quite functional scheduler for use in everyday life. Features, perhaps somewhat limited, however, allows the use of functional maximize opportunities inherent in this type of program.

Key Features of EssentialPIM

First of all, it is worth it to stay on the main functional set, because it is almost identical to all the features that provide absolutely all the programs of this type. There can specify scheduling of events given daily schedule, which may be used, based on the tasks of daily or monthly based scheduling using the monthly schedule.

Among the main advantages of the program is exactly what it is completely free (actually, like many programs of this kind). In addition, of course, deserves and system security of stored data. The fact that the application algorithm 128 uses the active-bit encryption. In addition, the application makes it quite clear to organize work with small groups of notes and contacts. Incidentally, the import and export of data can be performed using software such as MS Outlook, which is used as a part of Windows Address Book (ie Address Book). In the storage system contacts also provides some convenience. To fill the full information about your contacts, you can use an unlimited number of fields. Even in ordinary smartphone or mobile phones such fields is rather limited and does not provide what is called a "clear up" more than 10-20 lines.

Naturally, the program supports a level completely different printing options, whether text or graphic format. In principle, the preferred format of the text, since a smaller and takes up much less memory of the printer and the toner usage. However, if you need high-quality documents, and you can use the graphical mode which will produce the processing and printing of the document at the proper level.

Actually, if you look, the program is fairly universal, does not require the increased use of system resources and takes up little space on your hard drive. And the interface is organized in such a way that it will be able to understand a user of any level of experience. So if you have decided to get myself organizer, especially the junction with the email addresses of your friends, you should give preference to this application, because it is one of the most simple and universal in its field.


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