The Express Animate is a tool for creating animations from scratch, as in Flash Pro, or apply elements already ready videos.

For example, you can animate a meteor falling from the sky in a video or cut and put a moving car on a highway.

To begin, import the initial elements and create key points to set up your animation according to the available evidence. You can join GIFs into one, turn videos into small animations for the internet, applying motion to still images and more. Express Animate is an app for those who already have experience, since it is not very intuitive.

The options are varied: you can add masks for conversion to video and create key elements using ready-made shapes, for example. At the bottom, the timeline shows the transition points, layers and blending options, plus a list of general settings for each item available on the screen.


Review Of Express Animate

The Express Animate is a program for those who need to create animations from videos or even using designs and ready-made shapes. It brings some really professional tools, but may not be the best app for beginners.

The big problem the  Express Animate is that it is not practical or even intuitive. There is a tutorial at the beginning and it does not indicate exactly what can be done. If you do not know the animation tools similar programs (such as timeline, motion loops, special effects etc) it is very difficult to understand what this app has to offer.

On the site, it indicates that an application for beginners and advanced users, which is not exactly the case. You can even teach yourself to use the Express Animate, but it takes time and patience. In addition, it has several performance issues; during the test, he presented slow and many shortcuts and commands have failed repeatedly.

Worth it?
Express Animate is a free program to make animations, put elements such as shapes and objects in videos and create vignettes or other small materials using text and special effects. It is not very intuitive, however, which ends up making the tools remain limited to those who already know the process in other applications.


Creates animations for free
Allows you to add text and elements in videos
Good to create little vignettes


It is not intuitive and has no tutorial
Some commands caught during testing

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