Opera - one of the most popular, functional, fast and "compact" in the browser developed by Opera Software. The program has many useful tools and features, and its easy and simple graphical interface provides the user with a comfortable stay in the Internet. To verify this, you can download the free Opera.

One of the strengths of the Opera is its high speed. So, working with scripts java script done about twice faster than other web browsers. Time saving due to the fact that the content of the page begins to appear before its full load. Turbo mode allows you to "compress" automatically loads the page without appreciable loss of quality, which is particularly valuable at a low speed internet. To quickly jump to the most frequently visited pages is provided "express panel" in which 4 to 25 slots.

Security and privacy in Opera user data at a very high level, which used 256-bit encryption and other technologies. System is used ad blocking unwanted content and web pages. Some security settings available to the user. For example, you can quickly delete the information about the pages visited. Updates are made automatically in the background, and only from the developer.

fastest-browser-opera-computer-pc-windows-xp-7-8-8-1-54645654564 The program interface is worthy of the highest praise. It is simple, modern and pleasant, like the increasingly popular browser Comodo Dragon. Meanwhile, Opera has distinctive features: control means for people with disabilities, the use of "mouse gestures", voice control without the mouse and keyboard, reading aloud pages and fragments, scaling pages and much more. In order to try all these features, you can download the free Opera for Windows.

The program supports additions - widgets that extend its functionality. The search string is combined with the input window URL, which is very convenient for the user. Option recommendation is the most popular news and entertainment around the world.

The program is a download manager, BitTorrent-client, mail client Opera Mail, as well as RSS-aggregator client for IRC-networks. In addition, in the Opera browser supports all modern Internet standards including HTML5. An important feature of Opera is the ability to synchronize user data with other devices that use the browser.

fastest-browser-opera-computer-pc-windows-xp-7-8-8-1-465465465465465You will appreciate the unobtrusive, the convenience and flexibility of the browser interface. Please also smooth scrolling and coordinated work of Opera when opening a large number of tabs. An interesting feature of the program - the ability to open tabs just by dragging it outside the panel. Especially worth mentioning stable operation without flash player hangs, unlike many other web browsers.