FastStone Photo Resizer is one of the most versatile software for batch processing of image files. Its possibilities are quite large. Basically, it's worth noting at once, the application allows you to work simultaneously with many images and apply the same operation.

The Main Features Of FastStone Photo Resizer

First of all, users who are just starting to work with graphics and, in particular, with this software product, you should pay attention to the basic settings. Of course, you can set different angles of rotation of the image, cropping, resizing and so on. D. That's just the setting change colors, palette and saturation, after all, it is better to make a manual, not automatic. The same applies to changes in brightness and contrast.

If we talk about the application interface to many it may seem a bit overloaded. However, this is not true. The workspace is presented in the form of two windows. On the left is a window, which displays thumbnails of the images, and on the right is a field in which you can add the files needed to change or convert. To add files, you can use the standard drag and drop (drag'n'drop) or click Add. After you add and configure the settings changes necessary to start conversion. To do this, simply click Convert, and then lined up all the parameters will be applied to the selected files. By the way, in the opinion of many users, it works pretty fast. The resulting files can be saved in a separate folder or make a regular substitution.

Very interesting is the overlay, and various kinds of effects. It can be, for example, watermarks, blur, or the addition of text frames, in general, lack the templates. In addition, the ability to modify and files with serial numbers. Supported formats are not so much as I would like, however, they are most prevalent. Here are the extensions of type JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and JPEG2000. Inter alia, in the latest releases added the ability to adjust USM (Unsharp Mask).

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the program really saves a lot of time, because it involves working in batch mode. It is clear that if you want to make an edit or convert a few tens or hundreds of images, do it by hand, no one will. And by using this software, such operations can be performed for a few minutes with a minimum expenditure of energy.


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