FlashCrypt is an easy-to-use program that allows you to quickly and securely encrypt any type of data, up to entire drives or disk partitions. I must say that this software allows you to save a lot of time and effort by using cryptographic operations.

Key Features FlashCrypt

As for the process of encryption is the most commonly used 256-bit algorithm AES. Most interestingly, the program creates a password, without which view the encrypted data will be simply impossible. As in most applications, the program FlashCrypt after the installation process, all the basic commands are embedded in the context menu that allows you to actually use the application without calling FlashCrypt program manually. The encryption process is quite interesting.

First of all, if you click on, say, a file or folder, right-click, select the menu command Protect with FlashCrypt, then pops up a dialog box in which you must specify some mandatory data. The most important - is the password that must be entered in the top box, and then confirm it. But that's not all. Optionally, you can change the settings of the program FlashCrypt, which are installed by default. Pay attention to the command Enable file compression - including data compression in the encryption process. An equally important point is the Do not delete original files (just copy to protected folder) - This command does not remove the original unencrypted data copying in a protected folder. Sometimes it is useful, however, it is strongly recommended to remove the original. Finally, the field Enable password recovery facility allows you to enable password recovery if it is lost or you simply forget.

That's all. When the password is entered, and included other settings, just press the button Protect, and the program will do everything FlashCrypt without your participation. Typically, the encrypted folder is placed on the desktop, although, if desired, in the main application settings FlashCrypt dislocation destination folder can then be simply changed.

Finally it remains to add that without the password to decrypt the data, or view the contents of an encrypted folder is simply impossible. Although the algorithm of AES, the encryption process is so deep that even with the help of third party tools to guess the password, no matter how hard you try, it will not turn. In principle, one can say that the program FlashCrypt designed specifically for those users who prefer the easiest solution for data encryption and do not want to spend too much time and effort to achieve results.


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