FortiClient Endpoint Security - quite powerful free anti-virus package, enterprise-class, intended for private use in small and medium-sized offices. He has a pretty impressive set of features and provides users with computers running Windows operating systems integrated protection, almost against all known threats.

Key Fatures Of FortiClient Endpoint Security

First, a few words about how to update anti-virus databases, which, of course, provided. The update is performed once a day (as opposed to the version Premium, which is updated once per hour). It seems that this update is sufficient for complete protection on the basis of the most recent data.

The structure of the software package is somewhat reminiscent of many well-known anti-virus software, since consists of several modules. In this case, it's Antivirus and antispyware, personal firewall (firewall), VPN-client for the protection of virtual private networks, anti-spam filtering system and web content.

Naturally, each module is responsible for his protection and uses for this cutting-edge technology. Thus, for example, uses an in-depth antivirus heuristic analysis to prevent the entry of a computer or a network of different kinds of viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, worms, malware, and spyware. Quite interesting is the module VPN-client that allows users to corporate networks connected to different applications using IPSec and SSL, as well as using encryption algorithms DES / 3DES. Firewall in real-time monitors the use of network traffic based on common network rules and settings, and anti-spam controls the penetration of unwanted software by connecting a plug-in mail programs like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express versions 2000 and higher. Is very well thought-out system and web filtering. All actions are performed in real-time. In addition, all sites sorted by categories to which access can be locked for security reasons or unnecessary treatment, for example, to entertainment resources during working hours.

In conclusion, it should be said that the software seems a universal system to ensure the security of corporate networks and computers connected to it. Also protected are not only LANs and virtual private network (VPN). The clear structuring and optimal settings make this program one of the best for use in the protection and data encryption.


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