Fox Web Security is a control tool for you to lock quickly unsafe sites or adult content in  Firefox.

You do not even make a list of what block: The  Fox Web Security is based on ready-made lists of  Yandex, OpenDNS and Norton ConnectSafe.

That is, you only need to enable and start using! This extension has protection from unsafe websites that may try to steal data or infect your computer, and also has a severe parental control, which does not allow access to sites with adult content. In addition to having these three lists previously enabled, you can personalize it.

The  Fox Web Security has a "whitelist" and "blocklist" which are customizable. At first, you put sites that you do not want the service block as false negatives security, for example. Already the block list serves to further enhance this extension, since many content is not blocked by default.

For example, many Brazilian sites and even the adult area Reddit are not part of any of the three lists of native  Fox Web Security, and need to configure it manually. You only need to do this sort of change once; after that the service saves the information to show or block the pages as you like.


Review Of Fox Web Security

The  Fox Web Security is a very interesting service on content blocking Firefox. A highlight is the tool usability account: you do not need to  set up a list of zero because the extension  comes with data from three large DNS trusted providers:  Yandex, OpenDNS and Norton ConnectSafe.

It can configure the extension to make it even safer, since there is a custom block list, which serves to complement the existing one. This means that, in a way, this plugin is very efficient. The big problem, however, is that the  Fox Web Security  does not have any kind of protection against change.

Could have password
That is, if you want to use it as parental control or even to block sites so that other people can not access, will be faced with a big problem: anyone can open the extension's settings and take or put sites on the block list. Unless you will use for very young children, this is not very effective.

It would be interesting if the  Fox Web Security had at least one standard password to block unauthorized changes, making a completely secure browser.


Blocks using the lists of Yandex, OpenDNS and Norton ConnectSafe
No need to pre-configure
It can increase the block list


Only works in Firefox
Has no password to protect changes

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