Foxit Reader 7 is a program to view and work with files in PDF, created as a kind of alternative to the highly acclaimed software product Adobe Reader (and not only). In addition, this application differs a lot more speed and clearer.

Key Features Of Foxit Reader 7

The first thing that catches your eye when you begin using this software, it is surprisingly small file size. He takes place less than 2 MB. In addition, the application is made in the form of a portable version, i.e., installation on a hard disk is not required. Plus, the program does not load the system resources of the computer and thus is much faster than Adobe Reader. Interestingly, when you start the application does not arise any window with logo and initiate the download of all necessary modules of the program, as it happens in the same Adobe Reader. Even after the launch of the heightened speed. Certainly, many have noticed that Adobe Reader sometimes has the ability to just "slow down" when flipping pages, especially in cases where the page contains a lot of graphics. This is especially apparent in the low-power machines. In this application, nothing like this.

Changes in the fifth version touched several unusual features of the application. Now you can create a comment as to individual pages or the entire PDF-document as a whole, as well as to maintain the entire document with added commentary.

Particular attention is paid to the security software. The fact that the application will never initiate a connection to the Internet without the user's knowledge, as do many software products, and even in the background when the user can not even speculate about a connection. Besides, it allows to completely avoid advertising or spyware action since it contains no units of this type, and focus it on a paper document.

Basically, Foxit Reader - a pretty good alternative not only Adobe Reader, but many programs of this kind. Plus, really pleased with a fairly high speed, as well as the possibility of portable applications. After all, it can be used to write files, programs on any removable media such as flash media, disk or removable memory cards. And with an intuitive multilingual interface able to understand the user of any level of experience.


Foxit Reader 7 Download For Windows PC