Free 3GP Video Converter - a software product designed with a single purpose to produce convert any video formats to the format 3GP, which is perceived absolutely all phones, which have a software video players. Supported input formats are quite wide and can handle most of the currently known types of video files. It is clear that even without being the owner of the ultra-modern smartphone, you can view the video in this format to the normal mobile phone.

Key Features Of Free 3GP Video Converter

The first and main uniqueness of this application is it undemanding to resources or the presence of any of the specialized video codecs. The program allows you to easily handle virtually any video format without installing specialized codecs and decoders. The second thing that attracts users to this program, it is absolutely free distribution and the absence of restrictions on the validity and usage.

No less interesting is the fact that the interface of the program is quite simple and intuitive. As in most applications of this type, it is designed for completely inexperienced user and is automated in the use of basic functions. To learn how to use this program, do not need to be a rocket scientist. Suffice it to select one or more video files, which is supposed to make changes and just click start converting. The only thing that maybe you want to change this location to the destination folder where the output file will be saved. By default, the program offers its own version of the location of the results, however, in the settings, you can specify any other location.

Incidentally, the process of converting to the use of this software package is much faster than do many applications of this type. Maximum speed achieved is due to the fact that the program does not save any intermediate temporary file and convert it produces directly. This produces two main results. Firstly, a minimization of CPU load, and secondly the very minimum of memory usage. If you convert a lot of files at the same time, the application allows you to work in the background. Incidentally, here, the load is absolutely small. Actually size and how to install the distribution and size of the program after installation, are ridiculously small. However, despite this, the program has a pretty impressive capacity to work with video and powerful features fast convert any video formats to 3GP.

free-3gp-video-converter-download-windows-pc-546541515164152In general, we note that the program works on a five plus. You can certainly argue that there is a fairly large number of applications that allow conversion to other formats, but in fact, in this case, we are talking about the format of the video, which is perceived by the majority of mobile devices functioning even without the use of operating systems.