Free Audio Editor is a simple audio editor that will allow to process audio files even completely inexperienced user. It has many basic functions and tools that are generally always present in this type of program. However, it is for a person who have never worked with sound processing program is the most convenient tool.

Key Features Of Free Audio Editor

The program itself is distributed absolutely free and has no restrictions on the terms and conditions of installation and use. The interface is quite simple and intuitive. The fact that one side contains the effects browser and settings, and on the other - a main window, which displays the downloaded file (as usual, the representation of the wave). On top there is the main panel, which, in fact, made ​​almost all the necessary operations and actions.

If we talk about the basic features of this software, it is by modern standards, very modest. Naturally, the program is not in any way be compared with such giants in the field, as for example, Sound Forge or Audition. Nevertheless, a set of basic file operations is quite wide. It is clear that among single-action lists all the editing function, whether it is cut, copy, delete, or insert parts of the file in its contents. With regard to the supported formats, the choice here is also quite small. Among the supported audio formats are the most common and popular, namely, MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG.

Set of built-in effects allows their use in real time and keep track of all the possible changes in the settings of a plugin. It goes without saying that all of the effects has a professional level. And here the golf activities may be limited only by the imagination or the needs of the user.

free-audio-editor-2014-download-pc-windows-and-mac-5646453154613251352No less important is the fact that the program, as well as many other applications, you can create audio discs recorded or edited material. Moreover, the recording is done with the microphone input, which is available in most sound card. Create and burn disc is made almost in a few clicks. It is of great importance for all those users who want to record audio material quickly and efficiently.

Actually, the work with the program something special is no different from many editors sound. However, to get started with this application, you can immediately after installation, even without any professional skills and knowledge. Almost all works in automatic mode. And all have a lot of effects presets from which you can choose the most suitable. This causes the ease of use of the product. Plus free distribution and a good set of possible operations and effects.