AviSynth is a software tool based on a scripting language that is designed and intended for use in nonlinear video editing. It allows you to perform many operations, starting with the simplest and ending with the very complex.

Key Features AviSynth

First of all, it is worth noting that AviSynth program, as such, is a fairly relative concept. The utility does not have its own interface, but rather works as a set of a plurality of filters, each of which is responsible for a particular action. Moreover, this software can be used as an additional module (plug-in) by connecting it to the interface, which may or may not recognize a particular format of video file.

According to the principle of the AviSynth is a kind of mediator between the initial file formats and programs, through which it will be editing. That is, the frame takes the role of server, and in other words, the transmitter frame. Frames are transmitted and processed in batches built-in filters, that is, on the fly, thus avoiding unnecessary video store intermediate data on the hard disk. After all, when working with video is loading or lack of disk space, and is the primary problem.

Starting to work with the program, you create a script with the extension .AVS, and then open the saved document, for example, in the program VirtualDub, which copes with the video editing. Ieper to work in the background is turned on AviSynth. Moreover, the filters of this utility are operated so that the program, firstly, does not know that transmission of video via AviSynth, and, secondly, assumes an opened video file has a standard format .AVI. That is the beauty of this utility. After all, it can help to open up a completely different files, which will be perceived programs as standard video.

free-download-avisynth-2-6-0-windows-xp-7-8When you use this utility, you can quite happily combine multiple video files into one, change or process audio tracks. A very important feature is the ability to edit video files with a size greater than 2 GB. Especially, the program allows you to work with any type of video, including .MPEG or .MOV (QuickTime), in the same color format that is most suitable for input or output video without unnecessary transformations. Yes, and video conversion speed is quite high. With this you get full access to any frame and field (half a frame in an interlaced video), with the possibility of separation, thinning, combining, filtering, combining, change frequency and so on. D.

Actually, I must say that the utility has quite a rich set of tools that are not only limited to basic functions. This includes a set of tools for creating videos, editing images, sound changes, the various debugging and prepossessing filters. In general, a set of impressive. And it is for those involved in nonlinear video editing, the program is simply indispensable in the work.