Free Video to DVD Converter - a program created to convert any kind of video and audio files that are perceived by modern DVD-devices, and optical drives. It allows you to completely transform the elementary video with audio in any format is a format disc DVD, and more precisely, in files with the extension VOB.

Key Features Of Free Video to DVD Converter

First of all, it is worth noting that the universality of the program lies in its automation. The fact is that if you choose any source file (of course with the expansion of the video), the program will automatically convert it into several files to be read on any DVD- player. You understand that by inserting a regular DVD into the appropriate slot, you get access to many features that are provided there. In this case we are not talking about some kind of a background image or design, however, the decomposition occurs even small files so that you can always switch from one point to another playback.

A similar system operates in all DVD-players, in other words, pressing the button on the device or DVD-appropriate key, you can, as they say, jump to playing certain video segment, say, ten minutes later. Conventional AVI-files do not allow this, there is only needed fast. In the case of the converter in the DVD format, we are dealing with a completely different situation. The fact that the program will analyze the maximum video size, frame rate and moments of change of scene. In other words, it breaks the usual video file into several fragments. If you are faced with watching DVD-ROM drive folder, you can easily notice that in the VIDEO_TS folder contains files format VOB, sorted by name, date of creation and playback capabilities. Any DVD-player initially reads the information file to a disk, and then runs the file format VOB. If information is missing, then the VOB-file numbering starts with the smallest first.

By and large, you can take even any video file that fits on a normal CD- ROM and convert it to video format is DVD. But, most importantly, to understand whether you need it. You can record a normal file AVI, which takes, for example, 10 MB, and when converting to DVD format with high quality - 350MB.

free-video-to-dvd-converter-download-windows-and-mac-44565415112313215654It is clear that for such purposes, the program just is not meant by it is better to use when you want to create a single disk, copy the plurality of clips or music files. Moreover, programs like NERO allow the use of not only standard DVD capacity of 4.37 GB, and 8 GB bilateral blanks. In addition, when recording audio has a very interesting feature, which is called creating DVD-Audio format. It is understood that the disk, for example, from MP3-tracks will be recorded on a DVD-ROM, and not every system will be able to reproduce it. This audio format implies quite powerful coding is determined not only by the operating system, but it established the codecs and decoders.