Freemake Video Converter For PC - one of the most powerful tools designed primarily for converting media formats between themselves. In addition, it has many other useful features in applications of this type are rare or do not occur at all. This software is distributed absolutely free and has no restrictions on use.

Key Features Of Freemake Video Converter

First of all, I would like to note that the program interface is quite simple and is designed even for the inexperienced user. All pages are strictly ordered. You only need to add the files to the main window and select the desired output format. All types of files are distributed to the appropriate categories. So there is a problem should arise.

Generally, if we talk about the supported formats, then I must say that their list is quite extensive. In addition to standard media formats, this software allows you complete freedom to work with many specialized format that is used on mobile devices. For example, the application can work with the formats that are used on devices such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Blackberry, Xbox, various kinds of smartphones running Android operating systems and so on. D. And just as easily made ​​the conversion, say video format AVI, MP4, WMV, DVD, 3GP, MP3, YouTube, etc. d.

Everything else, it should be noted that the program works much faster than many of the applications developed specifically for such purposes. In addition, the selection of files for conversion and assignment of the final output format is simplified as much as possible.

This program features do not stop there. She has quite a strong built-in even for video processing. It has a built-in DVD-ripper that allows an incredible speed to convert DVD format to any other, including mobile formats. Furthermore, it is possible to record and DVD-ROM from any type of file. In this case, the program allows you to create, say, a slideshow of image files. When processing a video, you can use some standard operations such as cropping, rotating, resizing, etc. N. Plus, you can extract audio tracks from video files formats. And that's not all. The program will please many users have and what gives them the opportunity to upload your own video direct to a popular video hosting like YouTube. Now the problem is even use of any Web browser disappears by itself.

freemake-video-converter-download-windows-5645651211165In general, it is really today one of the most powerful tools with unique features and functions. You see that the work and the use of the application is not confined to the conversion of one format to another service of this software is much broader. And that is why the program can claim the title of leader in this field.