Glary Utililies - a program that includes a variety of tools to clean your computer from the accumulated garbage in it and optimize the operation of practically all operating systems Windows. A set of functions that are offered by the program is quite wide and allows their use, how to use the automatic mode, and in advanced user settings.

Key Features Of Giary Utililies

It is no secret that many users often encounter such a situation, when the operating system starts to work much slower than after the first installation. First of all, this is due to the fact that there is a huge amount of unnecessary waste. For example, if you install and then remove any or program, the standard uninstaller does not always correctly produces such removal. After removal of the system may be relevant to this program registry keys, DLLs DLL or residual LOG - file.

In practice, the same situation occurs while using the Internet. If you do not specify the settings delete history, cookies, temporary files, the drive can be uploaded to the extent that, got to go to the folder C: / Windows / Temp, one finds not even megabytes, and tens of gigabytes of unnecessary information.

It is to remove all of this and speed up, as well as loading the operating system and developed this set of tools. It can operate in two modes, the first mode - automatically. For the inexperienced user in the system settings program offers automatic error correction mode called 1-Click Maintenance, which allows you to optimize the entire operating system and remove unnecessary data using a single mouse click. In this case, the window is divided into several blocks, each of which produces a corresponding scan type. Scanned, first of all, the system registry for obsolete, unused null or invalid entries and keys. The program also defines the use of the system startup, offering to remove this or that function from this menu. Further there is a scan of your hard drive, in which the program determines whether the system unused shortcuts, temporary Internet files, or just files remaining after the removal of a program or application. This function refers to the possibility of a conventional hard drive cleaning.

One of the most interesting features of this software package is the ability to scan your computer for various kinds of spam or, spyware. This, so called, Adware and Spyware.

At the end of a full system scan program displays a corresponding number of errors and faults on each item. Clicking on each of them, you can get more detailed information. To fix all that appeared in the process of scanning errors, you simply press the "Correct". All that has been described above, will be automatically deleted and corrected.

Giary Utililies Download For PC

If you are a customer who has more or less versed in the system settings, the program allows you to apply the settings and use exactly those functions that you currently need. To do this, simply worth a visit to the section Advanced mode and put your custom conditions. In addition, you can specify exceptions, for example, files, folders or entire partitions, which contain information from your point of view, is not subject to verification. Naturally, this program will not check, which significantly reduces scanning time.

However, we must pay tribute to the developers of this software set, they have created a very strong and functional product, which is believed to be still better to use in the automatic mode. Apparently, the people who created this program, know the operating system, as well as possible.

Of course, the program has many benefits, but it lacks one feature that many of the necessary daily use of your computer.