Google Desktop - an application from a reputable manufacturer of software that actually combines the capabilities of the Web and the desktop. If we talk about the main purpose of the program, it is a powerful tool for organizing quick search of necessary information.

Key Features Of Google Desktop

Let's start with the fact that distributive occupies 1.92 MB and after installation, the program runs in the background and does not load the system and resources.

Search organized quite elaborately. Quite elementary, you can search the desired text information, which may be present in the email clients Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Thunderbird, Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla, as well as in the office documents such as Word, Excel, Power Point or files in PDF. In addition, the program allows you to search the required data in the log files of such popular chat as AOL Instant Messenger, or visited web pages that have been stored in the cache in Internet Explorer. Actually, if you look, the application can search for any text, even regardless of the file extension. To use such a search, it is necessary to establish further released, the plugin called Google Desktop Search.

Once installed, the program completely scans all hard drives in the background, and then indexing all new documents or web pages you visited will be made in real time. However, it is worth noting that the program displays the results of search queries in the browser, which is installed by default. In addition, the application is fully compatible only with Internet Explorer or the like, which were created on the engine, MyIE2, and so on. N. In other words, in other browsers such as Opera or Firefox web history just is not indexed.


If we talk about empowerment program, the official site of the developer, you can download some additional plug-ins, for example, for indexing CHM-files, chats, Trillian IM, and mIRC. In addition, at present there are a huge number of plug-ins, which are not relevant to the search query, but, nevertheless, significantly extend the capabilities of the main application.

Some users complain about the constant access to the Internet applications, however, this feature is disabled elementary. The main thing - go to the settings and make things right. A few inconvenient, according to many, is a pretty big place, redundant under the symbol, but I think, for today's hard drives with a fairly large amount of memory is not a problem.

Thus, if you use the search very often, better program, you simply can not find. The more so that the text information may be looking at anywhere.

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