Google SketchUp - a pretty interesting software for modeling three-dimensional graphics, is primarily designed for non-professional users who are not familiar with professional 3D graphics editors, or simply do not want to spend time in, say, learning that work with them, but prefer automation and ease of use and management.

Key Features Of Google SketchUp

First of all, once we note that the original program was created to simulate the interiors. It is perfect for situations where you want to imagine how it will look your apartment or house after the repair or installation of new furniture. In the appendix there is a large range of various patterns, allowing a few minutes to create the desired interior to your liking.

Except the templates, the program has the interesting technology object snap to program Google Earth, which allows you to use additional features. For example, you can place your home on the map of the Earth, and then choose a variety of non-standard effects. You can even simulate the lighting and shadows cast by objects, depending on the position on the map (using latitude and longitude), time of day and year, or even the weather. Thus, we can obtain the most complete picture of how your home will look like in the real world.

If we talk about the standard features, here there is a set of tools in the form of a pencil, eraser, ruler and protractor with the possibility of their use in two or three dimensions. In addition, there is also the ability to import and export multiple raster formats of two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphics, among which are 3ds, dwg, ddf, jpg, png, bmp and psd. No less interesting is the ability to record and macros for frequently repeated actions with the ability to save them for later use in the future. But there is one additional option that allows you to not only create scripts yourself, but use scripts created by other users by downloading them from the Internet, which greatly simplifies the work.

Finally it is worth noting that the program is quite simple to use and has an intuitive interface. In addition, an interesting feature is the complete absence of windows presets. That is, the user does not need to climb into the jungle of options, because the software itself is focused on full automation of the entire process of creating the interior.


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