Hamster ZIP Archiver - one of the most simple free tool for quick and easy work with archive files for multiple formats. The program provides the user with many options for creating archives and extract data from them. Despite its simplicity, it is very easy to use due to the fact that the interface is not overloaded with unnecessary functions, simple and intuitive for users of all skill levels.

Main Features Of Hamster ZIP Archiver

Immediately discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of the application. The advantages include the number of supported formats for retrieving data from the archives. Here are the formats RAR, CAB, ZIP, LZH, ARJ, 7-ZIP, ACE, GZip, TAR, UUE, etc. (12 types). But with regard to the creation of archives, here the situation is somewhat worse. The fact that the program can only create two types of files. This ZIP and 7Z. On the other hand, the application has a lot of built-in templates for every taste and allows you to instantly create backup files to a predetermined size that limits the requirements applied, for example, when working with e-mail, RapidShare, CD, DVD, etc. This is very convenient and saves the user from the purely mechanical work by definition of a given size manually. Although, there is also the ability to create archives of any size.

With regard to the process of using the application, everything is simple. To create the image, just click the appropriate button in the wizard and add the necessary files. In this case, you can use drag and drop, better known as a function Drag'n'Drop. Then specify the target file name and its location.

hamster-zip-archiver-download-pc-windows-xp-7-8If you are in recovery, everything is easier. Choose the source file and specify the location final location of the extracted data. Here in the program settings, you can set the association for all supported formats by default. In other words, when you open these files, the application will start automatically, saving you from having to start it manually.

In general, the program is fairly simple and does not claim to very much "tricked out" application. However, the speed and ease of operation and management allows for a speedy result for creating and extracting data from files to any user, even far from the operations and processes of this type.