Hawkpass is a site that allows you to create random passwords with different degrees of strength. With it, you do not need to spend time thinking about a combination that is safe, requiring only indicate what kind of character you want to use.

The site offers five styles that can be combined: numbers, symbols, spaces, words Extras and Diceware method which uses data, mathematical concepts and a table with pre-defined words to the formulation of key phrases virtually "unbreakable" .

Entropy Generator

The service does not require any registration or creating a master password to access it. Once installed, it works from a single screen, fully integrated in the new Windows interface 8. He is not responsible for storing the generated combinations, and it only serves to create them.

Choose a password type, according to the difficulty and the strength of the desired combination: You can generate sequences of numbers only or letters combined numbers and letters, and if you want an unbreakable keyword, numbers, letters and characters special.

Chance to be discovered

The created sequence appears at the bottom of the screen and you can simply copy it to the clipboard, to use the desired service. Take care to keep this password in a safe place, such as a document protected by a master password or even a piece of paper, as this app does not save the created combinations.

The site also displays the estimated time it would take for your password was discovered. He considers how long a password-guessing software that analyzes a trillion per second codes would take to find 50% of the characters. The result can be displayed in seconds, minutes, hours, days and years.

Features Of Hawkpass

Hawkpass is a password generator with five options that can be combined to create really difficult codes to be deciphered. One of its advantages is the way in which he plays with the concept of entropy, with passwords that exceed the limits of clutter to make life difficult for hackers.

The program is very easy to use, and you need a few clicks to generate your string.  Because of this, the Hawkpass Desktop can be suitable for many types of people, from those who can not create a password to those who do not time to be thinking of an extremely safe code.

To improve a situation that was already very good, the Hawkpass is quite reliable. All the tools offered by the service function without any problem, and the password generation is done in a matter of seconds.

Hawkpass Download