HDDScan - one of the most popular and powerful software designed to scan any type of storage media. This software is able to produce a lot of tests, not only the standard, but such that in most cases did not include the fact that the majority of programs of this type, but in the standard operating systems Windows.

Key Features HDDScan

As mentioned above, the program allows you to check any media. It can be successfully applied not only to the hard drives, but also virtually all types of removable devices. It features full support for ATA / SATA, SCSI, USB, FireWire and Flash-drives. Actually, the verification is completely automated. By and large, you only need to select a specific test and run a scan. It is possible to carry out such tests, even as the reading and analysis of defects in a drive, surface analysis, an analysis of the identification information, change management functions noise, change the function stops the spindle for a certain period of time, forced stop or start the spindle, a change in the power saving functions, the analysis of bad clusters analysis of reading rate information management features to prevent accidental reading and much more.

Quite interesting is the fact that the application is able to fully control and modify the parameters of the temperature characteristics of the hard drives. Thus he temperature monitor can be opened in a separate window or displayed in the system tray to keep track of changes.

And it is that very interesting, is that the program uses the most modern and advanced technology to date check SMART.


After completion of all selected tests, of course, you can get a detailed report on the results of the analysis and the actions being performed. The program is able to save the report file in its native format or convert MHT report in a convenient form that can be printed on the printer.

If you move the original result, I must say that the program is indeed able to produce the most comprehensive set of checks of all known. Plus support for virtually all types of devices, which are the carriers of information, whether it is stationary or removable device. And of course, we should note the simplicity of operation and control of the utility. It seems that this software is not only enjoy, but will be a necessary tool for testing for many users, regardless of the level of existing knowledge or training. Especially because the whole application is almost completely automated.