Notepad ++ - a multifunctional text editor that provides a comfortable work with textual information, for both programmers and ordinary users. Good program designed NotepadTeam, replaces all familiar AkelPad. Incorporates syntax markup with many programming languages. Also, the program has a large set of various options by which to work in it - a pleasure.

This program has the ability to customize, allowing you to configure the program for any user. Provides the ability to view and edit documents separately and several documents simultaneously (INDEX interface), which is convenient for many operations. For convenience, a mechanism word completion, which allows to select a set of variations for each of the text, as well as record macros and much more. Availability bookmarking allows users to quickly switch from one document to another.

The program includes Notepad  component Scintilla, which is a very powerful tool for editing text documents written in C ++ using in most cases, Win32 API and STL, which in turn provides maximum performance with minimum load on the system. To better appreciate the features and capabilities of enough free download Notepad ++. One of the main functions of the program is to highlight the text option with code folding, and the user can choose their own programming language. The editor provides the possibility of self-selection of the illumination mode.

how-to-download-notepad-windows-xp-7-8-pc-546516541656Additional features of this program are features such as: the ability to create a list of API functions (if this function is not loaded with the program, you can download it separately); feature that allows you to find the same expression Find / Replace; option allows you to drag a piece of text fully, without data loss; Dynamic position of Views; full automatic system in which changes are seen as the program itself, and in a text document (the identification and notification of a change in size, a change in the text, deleting a file or another program to replace it, and more).

Just to additional features include: a reduction or increase in the size of the document and the text itself (the so-called scaling); program is composed of a large number of languages​​, so you can quickly switch to another language; there is an option that allows you to print text documents in black and white and color, as seen on the screen; so the user can write your notes on each document, so you can quickly understand what the document; Macro recording and performing. Choosing this editor, you can verify its simplicity, convenience and functionality.